The Phoenix Design Museum hosts limited engagement exhibitions, focusing on design excellence. It adapts to curated collections of design and works to find the right environment for the work on display. The formality of a traditional museum is still found within the permanent collection archives and in the high standards of the curated work, but it is not constrained by a permanent exhibition hall. These unique experiences offer a new level of design appreciation to Phoenix and visitors of the museum.


Fall Location—The historic Phoenix Seed & Feed Capitol Warehouse, located at 411 South 2nd Street, Phoenix.

Hours—October 4th through November 11th, Tuesday through Sunday between 12p and 6p.

Entry—$10 fee good for visits throughout the month.

Reception—AIGA Arizona will host an opening reception on October 13, 2011 at 8:00pm as part of Phoenix Design Week, and during Pivot, the AIGA national design conference.


Permanent collections, temporary exhibitions. With both locally curated and traveling exhibitions, we aim to curate a high standard of design work, and rotate it often.

AIGA 365—a design effectiveness competition


Creativity 40—an international awards show


Design For Good—socially beneficial design solutions


Ken White collection—from the museum's permanent archives


And some unconfirmed surprises.



Kenneth White's name is not as familiar as that of his teacher and mentor Paul Rand, but his life as an “unreasonable man” in a demanding profession is worthy of remembering and recounting. Kenneth Lynn White (1935-85) was a designer from 1960 to 1985 during the heyday of corporate identity programs and before the introduction of the personal computer. Ken worked for three major American corporations creating unique work that won awards in more than 100 exhibitions. He was also an important part of The Design School at Arizona State University (1984-85) and his work offers a valuable perspective into design history and design education. We are working with Mookesh Patel to catalogue a design collection from the late Kenneth White's archives.


Ignorance & Ambition—our official gift shop—aims to sell high-quality, limited edition, locally created design items for a brief period of time. Support the museum by purchasing items on our website before, during or after our inaugural showcase.


The Phoenix Design Museum is a collaborative effort between Mark Dudlik and Tanner Woodford, and is part of Lost Creature, a non-profit that aims to bridge culture and creativity with community projects.

Phone: 480.359.6396

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